Wednesday, August 5, 2015

How knoitall supports the education assistance activities of an organization

For some organizations a private corporate learning center powered on the Knotall platform may be enough to support your tuition assistance needs.  For others, a learning center can enhance your existing education assistance activities and coexist with your current third party software and/or administration.

Key to this is the ability to filter learning content within a private marketplace to support some of the key organizational requirements of most tuition assistance programs, such as:
  1. Filter by regionally accredited content-the knoitall platform can limit your learning center content to those offerings provided by regionally accredited educational providers. These would primarily be community colleges and universities, a key requirement of most tuition assistance policies.
  2. Filter by competencies-most tuition assistance policies require that the education being pursued apply to needs of the organization.  The Knoitall platform supports this requirement by giving you the ability to filter the accredited educational content to those competencies you are looking to build in your organization.
  3. Filter by format-content within your private learning center can be filtered by format to support the particular types of programs that may be covered under your policy.  For example, you can limit the viewable content to degree programs, or you can increase the viewable formats to include certificates and individual classes.  

Management Approval
The Knoitall platform can support a simple management approval process where the employee emails a link to the program of interest for the manager to review.  The manager can access the program of interest and review key program variables like cost, learning outcomes, program schedule, duration, course syllabus (if provided), and provider reviews.  All communications between the employee and manager regarding the program is stored in the employee's transcript, including the manager's approval or denial.  

For some organizations, a Knoitall private learning marketplace can support their critical tuition assistance policy requirements and provides an inexpensive alternative to more traditional software licensing approaches or outsourcing engagements.  For those organizations who have already made an investment in tuition assistance software or administration, Knoitall provides a value-added enhancement to these efforts by pointing employees towards programs and learning providers that support both the employee development goals as well as the skills needs of the Organization.  

A private Knoitall learning center can help enhance the education return on investment for an Organization by improving the employee discovery process and, thereby, enhancing completion rates across the enterprise.  Current Department of Education statistics show that < 50% of working adults complete the formal education covered under their company's tuition assistance policy.  Those organizations that view tuition assistance activities as an investment in their human capital find this statistic troubling.  AND those organizations who simply view education assistance as a retention tool are losing out as well since employees may not be staying through to the completion of the program.

We believe there is a direct correlation between finding the Right program and completing it.  Knoitall helps direct employees to the programs that meet the needs of the organization while providing the employee with tools to asses between the educational options being considered. These include reviews, location and pricing data, learning outcomes, long form descriptions and direct access to advisors at the schools being considered.

Knoitall has developed APIs and has direct relationships with most of the leading third party tuition assistance administrators and can support a seamless employee experience from discovery through to program completion.

If you are interested in leveraging the Knoitall platform to support your tuition assistance activities, please let us know...or get started building your private learning center on the Knoitall platform today.

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